Preliminary notes from Santorini

Yes, the stories and pictures you see are true, it really is that beautiful. Today’s notes are really just a photo essay. Our first evening on our balcony with John & Dennyse Overton:





That’s all. Internet connection very, very slow. Full notes in a few days.

Ya sas



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8 Responses to Preliminary notes from Santorini

  1. Jennifer says:

    Takes my breath away Jim.
    Stunning pics, wish I was there to capture this .
    Hope you both have a safe a happy trip home
    Lots of love
    Jen xox
    Ps can’t wait to see you both and to hear more of your marvelous adventures

    • Jim Wilson says:

      Hi Jen, yes it takes our breath away too! Currently sitting on balcony again on 2nd night. Just as brilliant. Am more than happy to share pictures with you when we return! That’s both a threat and a promise!

      Plus you’ll get plenty of stories!

  2. BILL PERRY says:

    You lucky people. You’ve saved me lots of money too Jim. I won’t waste time going anywhere else. Santorini looks perfect. Tell me; do the houses have white goods? And if so, it must be difficult locating the fridge.

    • Jim Wilson says:

      Glad to do you the favour Bill. I’ll happily repeat it too! You are right about the white goods though. Stumbled across what I thought was the fridge yesterday and instead of a beer, pulled out a pile of dirty clothes from the washing machine!

  3. Hoppo says:

    Sucked in, that’s gonna make coming home ugly as… Can’t u organize a side trip to Yemen, Syria, Iraq or Wales?

    • Jim Wilson says:

      Think you’re onto something there Hoppo. I’ll just go & have another swim then a beer & think on it.

  4. dag says:

    Fantastic photos James. Say hello to John & Denise from Rosalee & me. Will you be home on the 26th June?

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