Notes from Paris – Day 1


Don’t worry, I’m not going to do one for each day of the 7 days we are in Paris. Did I tell you we are in Paris???? Woohoo!!!!

Actually, I’m hoping this gets out. We have wifi access but my email program is not coming to the party! I can access it via Safari and am messaging back & forth with Shaun to figure out how to email the ‘Travel’ group. If you get this, you’ll know it worked! If you don’t you’ll know it didn’t.

We had a good last mng in Tours, caught the TGV to Paris with minimal fuss, then the fun began. However, we found the Metro station we needed, only 2 stops to go from where we arrived and headed there. Turned out we walked longer underground to get from our Tours train to catch the Metro underground one than we did from the Metro station to our apartment!

Magnificent 5 room apartment (well counting the bathroom & toilet!), complete with fully equipped kitchen, clothes washing machine etc. On the 6th floor of a 6 floor building. Magnifique! Plus we can see the top of the Eiffel Tower from our kitchen window!

Also has a wonderful media centre with sound system, TV and Sky Channel type thingee with 937 channels. Do you think I can get one of them to work????

We left and walked one block and reached the Seine! Immediately across from us was The Louvre! We sat on a ‘docked’ bar and had our 1st drink in Paris with the Louvre over our shoulder, the Ile De La Cite in the foreground and Notre-Dame in the background! Not bad eh?

I had a beer (a bit warm!) C wanted a special French drink called a Kir Royale which is French Champagne plus blackcurrant liqueur. C new it would cost a bit – but being on a boat on the Seine plus being in Paris – well, total bill €18 = about $27 for 2 drinks!!!! Oh well, we are in Paris! (and we are not going to do it again!)

The photo above refers of course.

We walked out onto the bridge in the background of the photo and there was a Bollywood film shoot going on! I asked if they wanted a fair dinkum Aussie who could dance a bit to be in this sequence, but it seems not. They said if only I’d come along 1/2 an hour earlier they could have used me – fair dinkum!

You could tell the stars, some bloke was holding an umbrella over them to shade them from the sun! Did I tell you it was a balmy 25 or 26 degrees????

It was funny to watch – some dancers practiced the routine then showed the ‘stars’ what to do. The stars were hopeless! Particularly the bloke, he was wooden! No Bollywood movie will ever be the same again!

Couple of pointers for O’seas travel.

1. Always carry toilet paper.
2. You don’t realise how dependant on toilets you are until you travel.
3. In France you usually have to pay for the loo and it depends on what you want to do as to how much it costs. Number ones are cheaper than number twos. But if you need to, you need to. You just need to work it out in advance (so to speak) ’cause the lovely girl behind the counter asks which one you want to do when you go in. (this is true!)
4. Then, if you decide you can only afford number one, whilst you are using the urinal, she comes in and cleans the floor or the loo behind you! (this is also true!).

Dinner just arrived, home cooked veggies plus a hamburger – yummo. Have gone upmarket with the Frog Grog and bought a $6 bottle of Syrah! Why hold back when in Paris I say!

The closing photo is C on the bridge with the Ile De La Cite in the foreground and Notre-Dame in the background. The Bollywood dancers were just on her right.



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22 Responses to Notes from Paris – Day 1

  1. Tim O'Loughlin says:

    Dear J & C,

    Sitting in our lounge reading the Saturday morning papers, watching the lovely river Derwent roll by, temperature a balmy 8 C! Sadly no Eifel towers or Louvres anywhere.

    Did you know the E T is the largest iron structure ever made and when proposed for the 1889 Paris Exposition was roundly condemned by many including Alexander Dumas and Emile Zola, they wrote a letter about it calling it the “deflowering of Paris”. Apparently they weren’t so keen on building a 900 metre completely useless derrick in the middle of Paris. But one Alexandre Gustave Boenickhausen-Eifel who also designed the cunning internals that hold the Statue of Liberty aloft got the gig and did it rather well it has to be said. (thanks to Bill Bryson’s At Home book for info) Hope you enjoy climbing it!

    PS Jim you appear to have taken a very good photo of Cheryl next to a bin but also with fence full of locks behind her. This isn’t some strange French custom of locking your wife to the fence to keep the price of Parisian drinks down is it?!

    Greatly enjoying your perambulations

    Tim O

    • Jim Wilson says:

      Arr, greetings Cap’n and to the lovely TCB. Thank you for the info re the Eiffel Tower, we drove last it on top of a tour bus several times today. Brilliant weather, almost too hot!

      I think the locks are to do with some sort of a love message from he to she, read about it somewhere in some other place. Probably that’s it.

      Annoyingly unable to check and send emails via Microsoft Outlook, can only do it via – this means I can’t send group emails as I don’t have all the email addresses on there. You’ll have to spread the word.

      Looking forward to reunions and slide shows!

  2. Anna says:

    Hi there… you look un peu fatigue Cheryl or is it the wine?

    • Jim Wilson says:

      Hi Anna we are having fun! No I don’t look tired, that’s how I always look! We are packing the days full though…so much to see and do!

  3. Lynne OCB says:

    salut Jim et Cheryl
    comment ca va? J’espere que vous faire un bon temps a Paris!
    (Hobart: after a week of delightful autumn weather we are having a little coldness – and crisp mornings. But keeping warm planning our Darwin visit and reading about fond friends frolicking in fair Paris in balmy weather! There seems to be a lot of drinking and toileting going on? I did love the padlocks on the fence behind Cheryl though!)
    a bientot

    • Jim Wilson says:

      Hi Lynne c’est C ici ,ca va tres bien! Il fait beau encore aujourdhui…hope all well with you…nearly hols for you yay! We are having so much fun it’s amazing. Real life seems unreal!

  4. Found wifi at last in Orvieto, at the end of our walking tour, or is it an eating tour? Funny how the waistline doesn’t get any less despite walking all day!

    Buona sera.

    • Jim Wilson says:

      Sounds great, can’t wait to hear all about your time there. We may take you back as a guide sometime! Pho credit gone. Have email access but only through

      Can also blog, but can’t tell anyone! Paris C’est Magnifique! Would happily come back here again – still 4 days to go.

      I know what you mean about the waistline…..

      Au revoir

  5. AllanS says:

    “whilst you are using the urinal, she comes in and cleans the floor or the loo behind you!”

    Did she know you’re from Oz? Perhaps she hoped to glimpse a real man…

  6. BILL PERRY says:

    Jim Wilson a Bollywood Star? Sorry… I know that you have a wonderful Indian accent but noooo! Loved your travel tips Jim. You can’t accuse the

    • BILL PERRY says:

      Sorry — cut myself off. I was saying that you can’t accuse the French of prudishness. I’m glad that you are having such a wonderful time even though I’m green with envy!

      • Jim Wilson says:

        Dear Bill, envy is an entirely appropriate reaction and I am pleased to be able to assist in this matter. Blogs will continue.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Hi Jim and Cheryl,
    Each new blog is as interesting as the last, lots of great info and many laughs.

    When can we expect your version of the Dummies Guide to Paris ? 🙂
    J xox
    Vous nous manquez

    • Jim Wilson says:

      Hey Jen, you could be onto something there. Can’t think of anyone better qualified to produce such as book as moi!

      Hang on….. What are you really saying????

      Vous nous manqué aussi

  8. BILL PERRY says:

    Hey it only just struck me. All of those padlocks are from chastity belts. It is paris after all!

  9. BILL PERRY says:

    Hey.. it only just struck me – all of those padlocks are from disgarded chastity belts. It is Paris after all.

  10. Mike Brough says:

    Jim – your self-indulgence knows no bounds – $6 for a bottle of France’s finest in the home of vin magnifique. I’m impressed.

    • Jim Wilson says:

      Me to Mike, but what the heck, when in a country like France with its reputation for good wine, why not lash out I say!

      However, only a ‘oncer’, back to the $4 stuff last night.

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