Final notes from England


Some last thought before we leave for La Belle France.

The photo above is from our visit to Mousehole. Now, for you non-Brits, how do you pronounce that??? I’ll explain lower down, but don’t cheat!

We had a day excursion from Tintagel where we took in St Ives, Penzance, Mousehole & St Michael’s Mount. St Ives was brilliant but absolutely packed with crowds. We went to Penzance to get some Pirate paraphernalia, but only found tacky stuff (can you believe it?) and then had a great time at Mousehole.

C did some great sketching there and I watched a fantastic battle between seagulls over a dead fish. Have a great photo.

St Michaels Mount was speccy but closed. Do tourism operators all over the world have a pact? It’s Easter Sat, crowds are swarming, so what will we do – oh I know, we’ll close!

So, thoughts:
* we got out of Camelot Castle alive AND with a discount!
* most people don’t speak English, unless it’s with an accent.
* The service sector, particularly hotels etc, only employs people from Poland and Russia who speak with a strong accent and have names like Jane and Brian.
* the tractor drivers of England have formed a guild – they are in touch with each other and ring when it’s their turn to block a road. The conversation goes something like ‘Yar Fred, can you do the A32 to Upper Swithington tommorra?’ (said in accent from The Bill).
* My accent is so good, I am now taken for a local. I’ve even had people ask if I’ve been through Oxford! (those who know my joke telling abilities, particularly Irish ones, won’t have any trouble believing this).
* In spite of persistent rumours there is no welcoming sign to Bridgewater UK saying, ‘Welcome to the Town in which Alastair Richardson was born.’ We have a theory as to how it started.
*A GPS (such as Geeves) is invaluable and should be trusted implicitly most of the time. He let us down badly today, gave us the silent treatment – you can’t believe how relieved we were when he finally spoke to us again.

Magical place to visit – would do it again in a heartbeat. If you can, come! Now, Mousehole is pronounced Mowzle. Phew!

France tomorrow. Geeves has been retired and Jean Paul will be our guide – we hope. Not looking forward to driving on the wrong side of the road.


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12 Responses to Final notes from England

  1. Tim O'Loughlin says:

    Arrr Jim, somehow I knew you would be getting a discount somewhere on this trip and from the web traffic re Tintagel it seems eminently discount worthy! Good luck with la belle France, I think you should try the French accent from the cow throwing knights in Monty Python and the holy grail, that and throwing in the odd Gallic shrug, should do the trick for blending in.

  2. Tim O'Loughlin says:

    Hello there Cheryl & Jim,
    Helen here, Tim’s away in Melb visiting his dear old dad who turns 88 on Wednesday.
    Just have to say that we have thoroughly enjoyed all your blogs from England.
    It has certainly inspired us to visit many of the colourful places that you have visited.
    I was soo… impressed that Cheryl got her photo taken with Doc Martin, nice photo too!
    Your final thoughts on England are most enlightening & we shall bare them in mind when we go there. So you are not staying for the big wedding! I would have thought that you Jim, with you’re amazing ability to wangle things might have somehow got yourselves invited to that auspicious occasion!
    Anyway look forward to your fabulous blogs from France! Hope Jean Paul does as good a job as Geeves did! love Helen

    • Jim Wilson says:

      G’day Helen, glad to see your fine literary tastes continue! I was actually invited to THE wedding, but having already made plans to move on to France, we declined.

      Plus we were a little concerned at the ire we would raise back home…..

      • Tim O'Loughlin says:

        Oh, I knew that there ‘d be a very good reason why you were not staying for the big wedding. I too would rather trip around France than have to rub shoulders & make polite conversation with the Queen & others! Helen

  3. BILL PERRY says:

    Jim, Thanks for such entertaining travelling tales. It’s almost as though I was there myself. I’m glad that you like Cornwall. It’s my ancestral home on my father’s side. St Ives actually. There was some talk of us being related to Arthur, but I think it’s just speculation! Lovely photo of Cheryl with Doc Martin. Did he offer her a job as the new receptionist? There’s no doubt about you, I too am surprised that you didn’t wangle an invitation to Willy and Katie’s wedding. Shame about the British driving habits degenerating to our Tasmanian standard. I agree with you, they used to have wonderful road manners. It’s generation X Y and I most likely. But who knows?
    Good luck in France both of you. Remember, just smile and nod your head a lot.

    • Jim Wilson says:

      G’day Bill, actually the Doc tended to get a tad fresh with C (well, who can blame him?), so didn’t pursue other options for her!

      Loved St Ives, I suspect your link to Arthur may be as strong as Tintagel’s!

  4. I told you: it wastaken down for re-painting!

  5. Mike Brough says:

    Jim- for goodness sake leave zee Fraench speek’n to C – else you’ll get yourself into strife (again)!

  6. Pete says:

    I vill say dis on lee vonc – ‘Allo ‘Allo must be de soss ov d’accent ven en Franc

    Love to U & C


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