Notes from Port Isaac


Who’s a lucky girl then? What more do I need to say?????

Well of course I will! We left Camelot Castle (more of that another day), in Tintagel for Port Isaac – of Doc Martin fame. Geeves assumed the most direct route was required and took us down lanes so narrow the hedges on both sides were touching the car – and these were 2 way roads!!!!

How their road toll isn’t in the millions I have no idea! An aside on British drivers. When we came 7 years ago I raved about the politeness of English drivers. Now I have a suspicion that a bevy of Tasmanian driving instructors have been here. I’m constantly tailgated, had horns blown and had drivers wave to me using only one digit on their hand!

But we made it and the car park attendant proudly informed me that they were filming today. Can you believe I asked ‘What, Doc Martin?’ Not my proudest moment.

We found a crowd and saw the Policeman and Bert Large’s son sitting together down in a sunny courtyard – photos were taken. Then we dropped into the coffee shop opposite, which is the ‘Official Doc Martin’ shop and ordered coffee. Sipping away and there comes Martin Clunes up onto the street – out I rush for photos.

Got a couple through the crowd and saw he was posing for photos with people – ran back into the shop, grabbed C rushed out just as Martin turned my way.

‘Hey Doc, got time for one with an Aussie?’ I politely asked. ‘Sure thing Cobber,’ he said, and he did.

He then headed into the coffee shop (a very tiny one by the way) where our stuff was, so we followed him back to our table. He had coffee and a chat with the owners and then wished us an enjoyable holiday on the way out.

Not bad eh? I think he’s our new best friend!

ps: Port Isaac magnificent. We have some stunning photos.


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7 Responses to Notes from Port Isaac

  1. Greg SIMSON says:

    Nicely timed I must say. 🙂 great photo.
    I guess he wasn’t too grumpy then! I didn’t realise they were still going with the series either.

  2. dag says:

    Great little yarn James . Loved it and almost lived it .

  3. esther smith says:

    Where’s the picture with you Jim and the secretary girl? That’s what I want to know!:)

  4. Gail Foster says:

    You lucky ducks!!!!!!!!!
    I love Doc Martin!
    To think, all those dental prayers have resulted in such a triumphant grin!!!!
    We will spend a day there in June – looks stunning!
    Will send up some travel prayers! Geeves sounds a bit grumpy!
    love from a Southern outpost!

  5. Jennifer says:

    How exciting!!! Can’t wait to see more pics , talk about good timing , should have been a drummer 🙂

  6. LB says:

    mum – you have to lose that bum bag.

  7. The least vulgar way to say it that I can think of is that you are a lucky sod, Jim!

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