Notes from Parsonage Farm


This photo shows why Alastair considers Parsonage Farm B&B as an oasis of peace and has stayed there about 5x over the past 10 years. We found the same. A 17th Century farmhouse and it was great.

The previous day we walked from Lower Slaughter to Upper Slaughter. Apparently I was behaving, so Cheryl saw no cause for slaughter. We walked through farm paddocks, saw glimpses of magnificent old homes through the trees and took heaps of photos.

Off to Bibury and there Geeves committed a misdemeanor. In the middle of nowhere, paddocks all around, he proudly announced ‘You have reached your destination.’ Nope. Several stern words later and he redeemed himself. He sulked for a little while, but mostly took it with good grace.

Although when we instructed him to take us to the home of William Morris, Kelmscott, he took us via extremely narrow and winding roads, eventually depositing us at the back gate! Hmmm. It was a great drive though.

We could have spent all day at Bibury – great canal running down the middle with trout everywhere. But only those staying at the very expensive hotel could fish – and they did. Broughy eat your heart out.

Staying at the same B&B were an excellent American couple from Wisconson, Mary & Hal. We were comparing GPS thingees and explained ours was called Geeves. They have chosen an Australian female voice and called theirs Sheila!

Now can you think of anything better that an Australian Sheila would like to do other than to tell an American where to go????

Next morning off to Over Stowey and a venture onto the M5. We gave Geeves his head and he did not disappoint. We have a suspicion that his improved behavior might be something to do with us now playing music through the iPhone as well.

Ah, Sav Blanc in the back yard after an afternoon’s stroll through the Quantock Hills with Alastair & Jean was just the ticket. These hills were A & J’s back yard in their youth and the area where they did much of their courting – but this is not a kiss and tell story!

Off to a brilliant pub, the Rising Sun for dinner. Fortunately it wasn’t our ruin that night!

But who could have predicted what was to come the next day?????…….


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