Notes from a Country Estate

I was hoping to put up a photo of the Limpley Stoke Hotel in which we reside. However, in spite of Shaun’s patient tutelage I can’t figure out how for the life of me. Shaun, if you actually read the meandering writings of your father and aren’t just deleting them, would you please email me with some instructions???

First, a couple of moans:

1. My head cold has descended to my chest and every time I blow my nose it bleeds. I am feeling poorly.

2. Cheryl & I purchased matching traveling jackets b4 we left. Windproof, shower resistant and warm. Left mine on the train from Paddington to Bath didn’t I?

There, partially out of my system.

A great train trip to Bath and there a large shock awaited us. I had a mental picture of Bath being a tiny, quaint little English Village. There we would alight from the train, walk to the hire car place, park near the village green and see Bath in an afternoon. Off to our hotel that evening and head to the Cotswolds the next morning.

The 1st hint that this would not be so was when the woman on the Information Office at the station asked where we were getting our car and then said, ‘Oh, you’ll need to get a taxi there. It’s right over the other side of the city.’

City???? Yep. It took us about 15 minutes to get to the hire car place!!!! There we were met by an extremely helpful young lady with a great English accent who provided us with a car and, more importantly, a map to get to the hotel, which was out in the country – about a 20 minute drive out in the country!!!!

With her complexion and accent her name should have been Jane. It was Natasha. When we we reached the hotel the receptionist was a tall, regal young lady with a fantastic Russian accent. Her name should have been Natasha. It was Jane!

The hotel is magnificent, old, huge and luxuriously appointed. Also with a 1st class restaurant. We weakened and ate ‘out’ last night and had our 1st glass of wine since arriving!!!

Now, Bath. If ever you plan to come, allow a couple of days here. Gorgeous parks and buildings, but lots of people. Parking is complex. Cheryl suggested they should knock down a few of the old sandstone buildings (well, they have plenty of them!) and put in a few carparks. We now realize the value of supermarket carparks!

We did the obligatory bus tour and was able to observe a rugby match going on at the same time. You should have heard the roar of the crowd – it was just like watching English soccer on the Telly.

Our room is so gorgeous (we have a corner room on the 1st floor with views over the country side and a large 4 poster bed) we have decided to stay until they kick us out – technically that’s 11.00. Then back into Bath for another bus tour and possible a swim for Jim in the Thermal baths.

I look forward to sharing my cold!


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7 Responses to Notes from a Country Estate

  1. Tim O'Loughlin says:

    Arrr Jim, hope your head doesn’t come off with excessive nose blowing, recommend not getting pneumonia, is not fun! Re photos if you have the camera connect kit you should be able to either connect your iPad via USB cable t the camera or put the sd card directly into the connector, it will then automatically import the photos to the photo section on your iPad. From there you can email photos to someone. However I don’t know how you would get access to the photos from your blogging software on your iPad, you may have to email it to all on your list from the photo section or email to Shaun and get him to upload to your blog, he may know more. We are greatly enjoying your missives, Helen was impressed by your literary ability and keen observations, I said I expected nothing less from a rugged mountain man arrrr.

  2. jimrobwilson says:

    Arr Cap’n compliment the lovely Helen on her fine taste in writing! I’ve been uploading photos to the iPad with no problem. It’s getting them from the album to the blog I am finding interesting. Have picked up the odd new gadget for you to drool over too. However, no hints will be given! Now, back to Bath!

  3. Did you “take the waters” in Bath at the Pump Room? I did once, and it was vile. Might cure a cold, but.

  4. BILL PERRY says:

    Jim, you poor old thing, chances are you picked up your cold from the long flight. And yes, Bath has grown somewhat since the Roman occupation. They didn’t encourage tourism. I agree with Alistair, the “waters” should sort your cold out. Does your travel insurance cover you for the jacket?

  5. Mike Brough says:

    Jim – I have aweful mind pictures of whatever’s coming out of your nose. Ido sincerely hope it stops soon. BTW how is Cheryl?

    • jimrobwilson says:

      G’day Mike, I think the cold is gradually improving. Fingers crossed. C is well & has not suffered from any maladies as yet. We are both eating lots of fruit & getting vegetables when possible. Bought some multivitamins yesterday – now only have to remember to eat them!

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