Notes from the British Museum

You will have to forgive me if words sound a tad snuffly. I’ve developed a rotten head cold and am not very impressed!!!

Yesterday we visited the British Museum and a proper description would contain so many superlatives, you’d be throwing up in no time and calling me an Anglophile. So, some brief impressions:

The building is part of the attraction and they’ve added some new bits that complement the whole extremely well. However, there are some hints that all is not well and that maybe they’ve spent a little too much on the reno’s.

Every where you go there are buckets with big ‘Please Donate’ signs along with suggested amounts – £2, £4 or £5. When you start looking at the exhibits it becomes even clearer that an architect was in charge of the accounts and not an archeologist.

Most, if not all, of the exhibits are in a poor state of repair and many are nothing more than fragments. One has to ask oneself, have the British not heard of plaster of paris?

Take the Rosetta Stone for example. An artifact of immense historical and linguistic significance. Yet they only have about half of it! At the same time, they have a photo of what it probably would have looked like – so why have they not made a good cast and put it back together?

Now, if I was given free reign there, I’d have it shipshape in no time! I’m not sure they have the imagination to appoint one such as I though. A pity.

I will have to settle for completing their suggestion forms and hope they act appropriately.

At the Victoria & Albert Museum today – already I can see I have my work cut out. I sense a full time career after the ATO – my little contribution to culture. Who knows, I may end up with a statue in one of these places for future generations to admire!

The Culture Vulture

Postscript: Just visited Harrods. Now there’s an organisation that could teach these museums a thing or two. They have an Egyptian theme. Not a scratch nor a broken piece anywhere!

AND, not only did they NOT ask me for a donation, they gave me a handmade champagne truffle to sample! Now there’s class!


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8 Responses to Notes from the British Museum

  1. Brett Whiteley says:

    The only hope you have of getting a permanent role at this museum is when they place you therein as an artifact – and my friend that may not be too far away. Greetings to you both – love the blog and stay safe – Brett

    • Rob valentine says:

      Check out the Elgan Marbles – they should give them back! Poms – no shame!

      • jimrobwilson says:

        I tend to agree Rob. However you’d have to say that if they hadn’t ‘stolen’ them in the 1st place, restored and preserved them, we probably wouldn’t have them today.

        But now might be the time…

  2. BILL PERRY says:

    Re your comments on Rosetta Stone. I should imagine that after your visit Jim, Tutan would need khamun!

  3. Ro Smalley says:

    Love the blogs. Do hope that C went to the delux ladies in the Lower Slaughter manor.Spitirual J went off ok. Keep on having loads of fun alcohol and good food.

  4. jimrobwilson says:

    Hi Ro good to hear from you…can u email us more details about SP,have heard it went well, good for you.We went to have coffee at the Lower S Manor but the power was off so had to be happy with taking a photo for you ! We love the Cotswolds, it’s great.Tomorrow meeting RIchardsons.

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