Notes from a Small Hotel Room

11 or so hours of sleep later my brain is a tad less fuzzy and able to function, albeit in a somewhat reduced manner.

Note to self: next time fly Business Class, forget the kid’s inheritance. Enough said, and I’m sure that the six movies I watched had nothing to do with the inability to sleep. Cheryl has said though that one good thing has come out of the experience of flying 23 hours in Economy – that is the enjoyment you get when you can actually lie down and stretch out in a real bed!

Our hotel, The Cardiff, is right near Paddington Station and very centrally located. We’ve had a full day now of hop on hop off buses plus a great cruise on the Thames.

The famous author Samuel Johnson once said ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.’ I would have to say that he has a good point. There is so much life, history and energy here that it is hard not to enjoy yourself and to some extent, walk around with your mouth hanging open like some gawpy tourist. (oops, I am!)

I love the sense of continuity here, of developing civilisation that reaches back much further than anything you’ll ever see at Richmond in Tassie.

However, I think my favorite experience is going up to a train station attendant who is also a very, very black woman with dreadlocks, asking her a question and she replies with a brilliant Cockney accent – priceless.

Weather yesterday was quite good, today it was freezing – but at least it hasn’t rained and the forecast is for warmer weather as the week ends.

The responses to my location updates on F/B have been encouraging, upbuilding and without a trace of envy or jealousy. Thanks to those who have contributed!

Long enough, tall tales will continue anon.


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7 Responses to Notes from a Small Hotel Room

  1. Sue says:

    Hi Jim & Cheryl (haven’t met yet but I am the one with the Bayaeux tapestry) have a wonderful time and I look forward to all the blogs, yes, green as with envy. Just think, you will get to watch all those movies again on the way home:-). I am keeping your seat warm Jim, ready for you come back……

    • jimrobwilson says:

      G’day Sue, green is the colour I am hoping to inspire! However, it is only a return favour as I felt the same when you talked about your visit in France and showed me the tapestry.

      Look after that seat, but no hurry….

  2. Gail Foster says:

    Hi Jim and Cheryl
    I am now a little concerned re our economy flight! We have lots of rain, flooding, roads cut off etc – water lapping at our back door!
    Which places did you like best in London? Which Thames tour did you take? (I am presently planning our London visit!) TA!!!!!!!
    sending toothy prayers! Love Gail

  3. dag says:

    Well Done James You are wetting our appetites to visit London .Hope you are looking after the lovely Cheryl. When are you going to mention that you will be the guest Leprechaun at the Royal wedding?

    • jimrobwilson says:

      Hi Jeff & Rosie, I’ve just had a similar email from Noel, and encouraged him to make the trip – you should too, it’s great.

      My invitation to the wedding is supposed to be a secret, hopefully no-one has picked up on it.

      Cheryl is snoozing in bed as I tap away (it’s 6.00am here). I’m doing my best, including pulling out a thermos & Belgian chocolate on the ferry yesterday when we were so freezing. Think I got a few brownie points there!

  4. Tim O'Loughlin says:

    Arrr Jim and Cheryl, glad you made it over and only had to endure 6 movies. Weather is atrocious here with lots of flooding rains, hope England warms up a bit for you. Enjoy London and being steeped in history, but be sure to enjoy even more the wonders of an iPad 2 and it’s impressive blogging ability!

    Tim and Helen O

    • jimrobwilson says:

      Arr Cap’n you mean there are wonders in London? I’ve been so busy enjoying the wonders and blogging capabilities of my iPad 2 that I think I’ve missed most of them!

      Cheryl has hissed a bit.

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