Thoughts from Tullamarine

Up at 3.30am, Sparrow Fart flight to Melbourne, flight to London not leaving until 3.30pm!!! We’ll have been up for 12 hours already! So, what can you do in Tullamarine for all that time. Visions of shopping, particularly duty free, filled me with anticipation.

However, like overloads of chocolate, the anticipation was much more satisfying than the fulfillment! Took all of about an hour. Now what?

People watching of course. Aren’t people weird? As I sat sipping my long black they came streaming down the concourse, eyes fixed firmly ahead, course plotted, destination in mind.

Well, most did. Others, perhaps suffering from our predicament of too much time on their hands, wandered aimlessly from shop to shop. Occasionally I caught a glimpse of a satisfied soul who had obviously scratched their consumerist itch.

They were all shapes and sizes – not too many were as slim and sylph like as Cheryl & me. Alright, just Cheryl then. However, undoubtedly, each had their own story, history and dreams – definitely like me.

Airports are interesting places, a bit of a transit lounge in life really. Everyone either coming or going, no-one actually belonging.

This is getting too philosophical, time to check Facebook!


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8 Responses to Thoughts from Tullamarine

  1. Gail Foster says:

    Hello Jim

    I am most impressed that you only took an hour to shop!
    I have been praying for you both – couldn’t sleep!
    I hope you have a comfortable seat on the plane and can sleep a bit.
    We have been doing some trip prep today. I hate it cos its so tedious. Pete has found out how we get from Heathrow to the London hotel which is a relief!!! I am a big picture person(ie “lets go overseas!” – not so good on train routes, timetables etc, tedia, tedium….
    Love Gail

  2. Lynne Grant says:

    Hi Jim and Cheryl
    here we are sitting at Point Cafe with a glass of Shiraz and thinking you’ve been in the air for hours – we even got excited for you! Sad to hear bout the Cath and Kel airport experience – just don’t miss yr plane and don’t buy one of those jumpers!!! Bon voyage! OCB

  3. Yeah, we did the best part of six hours in Tullamarine, and it was a bit dull since we left at midnight.

    Glad to hear you’re on the way, we expect a text at any moment!

    • jimrobwilson says:

      Have sent text with numbers for C & I. Just on case they didn’t get through:
      Jim: 07864 115 195
      Cheryl: 07864 115 196

      Ha, your message arrived as I was typing this. Yep, 6 movies I think!

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