Test post

Greetings all, this is the 1st actual post I’ve ever done without Shaun sitting here and prompting me. So I’m a tad nervous. However, I must take the 1st leap before we head off O’seas or it will never happen over there.

We leave Oz on Monday 11th April – 8 sleeps! We are still wondering how we will fit everything we need to do into the remaining available time. (a comment from Cheryl follows) ‘This is because Jim has spent all of his time playing with his new iPad!’

We fly into London, spend about 2 weeks there, then a couple of weeks in France, the same in Italy, 3 days in Prague then 11 days in the Greek Islands – woohoo. Away for 2 months in total. Apologies to those who have already heard this about a 100 times!

I plan to do occasional blogs to inform you of our travels and gloat as much as possible. I will try not to be too verbose, wordy or waffly. I will not use long and complex words when diminutive ones will suffice.

So, hopefully this will work and you will get to see my 1st blog. I believe it is possible to post comments there…

Jim & Cheryl


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12 Responses to Test post

  1. Gail Foster says:

    Dear Jim
    This is great! Well done!!!!

    PS Isn’t diminuitive a big word?


  2. Greg Bain says:

    A little reply is enough.
    (says he with his dictionary.com link ready..)

    Well done Jim. I look forward to your posts.

  3. jassieone says:

    Pleased to be the first to “like” your post. Mind you I had to create a wordpress account to do so!

    • jimrobwilson says:

      Very pleased you created the account Janet!

      • BILL PERRY says:

        Well done Jim the Gadget Man.
        But over worked and underpaid? Hmm.
        I totally agree with Cheryl’s description however.
        I await with great interest your communiques from the Great Outside.
        Go in peace and come back safely both of you.

  4. Mick says:

    You can’t go, I’ve got your sleeping mat…

  5. Rob valentine says:

    Does that iphone app talk to you Wimmy Jilson? Better try before you leave!

  6. Well done Jim. Now try loading some pictures! (I hope yours is easier than mine on Blogger).

  7. dag says:

    Thanks, I think……….

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